Good Neighbour® Cyclonic


Good Neighbour Cyclonic Fencing is designed for use in cyclone prone areas. It combines style with high strength. Clean, uncluttered lines are enjoyed by neighbours on both sides of the fence due to its easy to build modular panels. 


Strong, Durable and Stylish Fencing

Fencing that is built to withstand the forces of nature

Stylish fencing that has been designed and approved for use in areas with cyclonic conditions. Good Neighbour Cyclonic Fencing is easy to install. Once the fence posts have been set in concrete, the fence sheets are easily placed into profiled steel tracks and posts. This modular system is very strong, easy to build and eliminates the need for a central rail, so it looks great on both sides of the fence.

Due to its modular nature, Good Neighbour Cyclonic Fencing is ideal for use over sloped or undulating sites. The panels can be ‘stepped’ to follow the contour of the land.



Good Neighbour Cyclonic Fence Styles

Superdek® Fencing

As a high tensile, steel profile sheet, Superdek is suitable for fencing applications because of its strength and its modern, good looking appearance. The Superdek profile has been the number one fence sheet choice for Good Neighbour fencing for many years and will be around for many more.

CGI Corrugated Fencing

CGI corrugated is a timeless classic. It is a versatile building material that has always been popular in domestic fencing. Its soft flowing lines complement both contemporary and colonial styled homes and make CGI an ideal fence as either a feature or a backdrop to your garden.

Range of Fencing Options

  • Available as Standard Panels or as Heavy Duty Panels that are reinforced with galvanised steel 50x50mm posts.
  • Four fence heights of 900mm 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm are available.
  • Choose from a range of fence sheet profiles; Superdek®, Corrugated and Smartspan® (Smartspan is only available in WA, Region D areas).
  • Pick from a wide range of attractive fencing colours.

Fence panel widths vary depending on the sheet profile chosen. Superdek is 1590mm wide, Corrugated is 1630mm wide and Smartspan is 1470mm wide. For heavy duty panels, add an extra 50mm for the additional steel post.

Quality Stratco Fencing

Manufactured from high quality zinc/al coated steel with a pre-painted colour finish. All parts and accessories are galvanised for a long usable life.

Good Neighbour Cyclonic Fencing has been tested to comply with the strength requirements for cyclonic areas. Post and footing sizes are based on calculations using design wind pressures from the relevant Australian standards. Good Neighbour Cyclonic Fencing is approved and Deemed to Comply by the Darwin Building Board.